Lord is My Shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want.
The beginning of Psalm 23 is powerful! God can fulfill our every need and desire to our hearts’ contentment. That job making more money would be great, but you don’t need it. Whatcha need is God! That hot boyfriend with the 6 pack? Nope don’t need him either. Just God. And that brand new red sports car? Although very fast and sleek, cannot fulfill your hunger for Jesus.
What I have learned through personal experience is: what we “MUST HAVE NOW” and “CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT” becomes an afterthought once the temporary excitement dissipates.
That beautiful girlfriend who is an idol in your life cannot quench your spiritual desire for intimacy with God. The first two sentences of Psalm 23 tells us that we do not need what the world says is important: Power, Money, Trendy Clothes, Fast Cars, Strong Muscles, Extravagant House, Supermodel Girlfriend or Boyfriend, and Fame.
We don’t have to market our Brand, have Swagger, be Extra, or Stay Woke!
“All we need is God”
Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
People try so hard to achieve happiness. Many men (Christian or not) believe that if they are in good shape (health), have a good job (lots of money), are married to a hot wife (sexual satisfaction), have children (generational legacy), and belong to a civic group (church/government), then success and joy are soon to follow.
This formula could not be more wrong. Our society is filled with miserable and physically gorgeous millionaires who are seeking true peace but can never find it through human wisdom.
Some of us are hurting financially. Seek God and patiently await his guidance and instruction.
Others are being ravaged by illness. Allow the Body of Christ to pray for you and ease the burden of your pain. God is refining you in the midst of your suffering and will provide relief.
A lot of us are emotionally hurt and cannot get past the trauma of our past. As you draw nearer to God, you will trust him and others more while forgiving those who have scarred you.
All We Need Is God!”

What’s Your Legacy?

Do you ever wonder about what your eulogy will be?  Some consider this a creepy topic, but what will people say about you when you die?  I’ve been to many funerals and can’t help but to consider the phrase “He’s in a better place”.  Is that guy or gal truly in a better place? Cmon now! I’m sure we have pondered this question at a lot of funerals that we have attended.  Since funerals are a time of mourning, most pastors attempt to comfort families by being cliche “better place”. Yet scripture says:
Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.  John 3:36
What’s Your Legacy?
Is it about the sins or victories of the past? Or your current state of affairs that will not last?
How will they remember you?   By things you say or by things you do?
Will it be the friends you made? Or the debts you never paid?
Maybe the people that you forgave? Or the loved ones you tried to save?
What will be the measure of your life? Lots of money or a beautiful wife?
Will it be Your passion or your unique fashion?
Surely our days are numbered and we have to make the most. Of God’s blessings and talents but never boast.
Some of us are gifted writers, speakers, and fighters.
But Predestined for God’s glory, and chosen to fulfill His magnificent story.
There is a season for everything under the sun. Live each day to the fullest but always have fun.
Inspire the youth and help the old. Love upon your brothers and sisters, Profess Christ and be bold.
Someday we will have to see God “face to face” and give an account of how we ran the race.
Are you ready?
Freddrick Diez

Christian Hypocrisy

It amazes me how we as Christians tend to look down on homosexuals and transgenders yet are tolerant and accepting of other transgressions.
Let me explain: We so easily look past the sins of alcoholics, drug addicts, and adulterers but struggle with the thought of people having alternative lifestyles serving in the church.
Matthew 7:1 – Judge not lest you be judged
Too many times in my life I’ve attempted to play God by assuming what’s within another man’s heart. During these occasions, God has showed me that he is the only discerner of hearts.
How can we spread the “love of Christ” but look upon our brothers and sisters with disdain? We call ourselves Christians but snicker, sneer, and gossip about those who do not measure up to our personal standards for Godliness.
More recently I vacationed with my family in the city of Seattle. I was impressed by the vastness of beauty that surrounded the city but equally surprised by the amount of gay couples that we encountered. To that end we also attended many gay owned businesses such as restaurants and coffee shops. What was most revealing to my heart was the love and warmth that we received as customers/visitors from homosexual customer service workers and residents.
What’s funny to me is that as a Christian I am supposed to “mirror the love of Christ”. Nevertheless individuals (homosexuals) of whom some Christians classify as ungodly do a remarkably better job of showing a Godlike spirit than me.
Let us truly exhibit the love of Christ without malice, contempt, or judgement. We are all broken people who need God’s divine intervention. I long for the day when the pews of Journey Church are filled with homosexuals and transgenders because only then are we truly getting the message of God to this exiled segment of society.

My Father’s Day Gift





Dearest Karina,
Beautiful daughter, words cannot fully express my love for you.  My firstborn – Flesh of my Flesh and Vigor of my Spirit. You are the heartbeat of my life and the anxiety of my soul.  God blessed my life with your creation. Before you came along, I was mired in a spiral of darkness. I was a proud man, contemptuous, and without instruction.  You have taught me many things that you are not aware of. Let me explain; with you under my wings I have experienced true love. A bond between a father and a daughter that extends beyond friendships or blood relationships.  A deep connection that grows throughout the stages of life: When you were a baby I led you along your curious journey and provided you with the guidance that I never received as a child. In return you graced me with a joy unparalleled to anything I have ever felt. You were chubby! Heck downright fat but oh so adorable. LOL  Praise God for the miracle of YOU! As you continued to grow, your unique personality began to mirror mine’s. A passion for sports, an impulsiveness for adrenaline, and a reckless abandon to surpass boundaries. You are your father’s daughter! Now you are starting to blossom into a beautiful woman. This is the part of God’s process that I never imagined or prepared for.  When you were younger we were two “Peas in a Pod”. Now things are different. You practically live on your own (college), make your own money (job), and have become fond of another man (boyfriend). I knew that this day would come but never quite understood how difficult it would be to LET GO. What a lesson I have learned! God has tremendous plans for you to glorify him and in doing so my legacy will continue.  As God allowed Jesus his only begotten son to soar for his kingdoms purpose, I must also release you to seek his will. Despite a life of imperfection, God gave me the perfect gift: Karina. I love you and will always support and pray for you.


Proverbs 22:6

“Train a child in the way of the Lord and when they are older they will not depart”














Center of it All


Have you ever felt like your in a wrong age or even time?  I have I have been thing about how my life before I have found Christ.  You see I have known of Christ because as a child I was a member of Church of The Valley.   Going there since I was a child was a wonderful experiences I had amazing Sunday school teacher.  There hearts had God in the Center of it all. So, for all the Sunday so teachers thank you.


As an Adult I was invited to a small group to be honest on my way there I actually had turn my car around to go back home.  It was hot and I was driving for awhile and I was very uncomfortable in the traffic and the heat was exhausting. As I were o my way back home God asked me to turn the car around.  I was heading back home and I was not turn again. My cousin called and ask to head back and I refused. Then just like that God told me to turn the car round and I was able to turn the car around with no problem.


The more I got involved with my small group the more God started working in me.  I was not fully committed to turn myself over to Christ because I felt I wasn’t good enough to be loved by him.  I have failed in a lot of areas in my life but, God keeps showing up. He has shown me that I had to work on relationships in all areas of my life.  God had force me to view my life in a different way the way he sees me. With that road I had to walk was not easy but, He reassure me that. He would break me in a million pieces that meant that I had to face my darkest moments from my past.


I have learn that I must keep God in the center of my life.  I had to really surrender my life for his glory. I am not perfect but, God has created someone I love and I am embracing the changes he has done in me.  Fear is not of God. God fills you with confidences to do his will. I had to surrender everything so he can work in me I am a work in progress.


For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭2:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬

By: Myra Flores

Where is your heart?

Matthew 7:21-23 (MSG)
Knowing the correct password – Saying “Master, Master” for instance isn’t going to get you anywhere with me.  What is required is serious obedience – doing what my father wills.  I can see it now – at the final judgement, thousands strutting up to me and saying “Master, we preached the message, we bashed the demons, our God sponsored projects had everyone talking.  And do you know what I am going to say?  You missed the boat.  All you did was use me to make yourselves important.  You don’t impress me one bit.  You’re out of here. 
This is a truly shocking passage of scripture that reflects upon the heart of the man and not his actions.  It is both flabbergasting and sobering to comprehend that God will turn his back on thousands of “churchgoers” who were involved with ministries and church events. 

It’s quite conceivable that many of the people that this passage alludes to were initially well intentioned in their acts of service.  Yet eventually the great deceiver (Satan) entered within their minds while seducing their hearts.  The allure of honor, power, and the appearance of piousness can lead any Christian astray even within God’s house. 

  • Can church or ministries become an idol in a Christian’s life?

One definition of an idol is:  Anything that is revered or loved more than God. 

  • Are you spending more time at church and ministries than praying and reading scriptures?
  •  Are you creating space for church associates/groups yet neglecting time with your spouse and family?
  •  Are you involved in a church ministry just because you want to fit in with other members and not because of God’s calling?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above-mentioned questions, then it is time to petition the Lord to examine your heart. 


The Lord is the ultimate discerner of our hearts and provides a template for ministry service in Matthew 6:33 (MSG):

Steep your life in God Reality, God Initiative, and God Provisions.  Don’t worry about missing out.  You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. 


Lord I pray that you analyze my innermost being.  Protect me from vanity, pride, and selfish ambitions.  I’m sorry for the times that I used your name for my own advantages and not for your glory.  Lead me to help others in a spirit of truth and love.  Powerful God, keep my eyes, heart, and mind focused upon you all the days of my life.  Amen


Freddrick Diez

The Day That Changed My Life


I have been a police officer for nearly 19 years.  During that span of time, I have experienced certain incidents I will never forget.  On one such occasion, during the summer of 2004 my life changed forever.  You see prior to this day, I believed that I was invincible.  In my braggadocious opinion, I was a superhero legend:  great looking, in good shape, fearless, intelligent, ambitious, well spoken, and a “RoboCop”.  Being a superstar in my own mind required me to make the big arrests that always made the headlines.  I would always take unnecessary risks just for the “thrill of the chase” and the accolades that came thereafter.  As I climbed the career ladder of success as a police officer, my relationships with my family and God became less of a priority.  My thirst for adrenaline and temporary fame was my primary goal that, although initially exhilarating, left me with an emptiness inside.  I surmised that I was only as good as my last arrest which propelled me to become more aggressive and reckless in my pursuit for notoriety and perceived success.  I became lost in a relentless daze of my own madness.  During this time, I worked hard (10-16 hours/6-7 days a week) and played even harder.  I had a lust for adrenaline and excitement on and off duty that catapulted me into a lifestyle of alcoholism, violence, and consequently adultery.  Eventually my craziness came to a screeching halt on “The day that changed my life”.  Let me explain in cop jargon:  

On September 15, 2004, my fellow detectives and I responded to the Woodlands Apartment Complex in North Chicago for the report of an odor of cannabis emanating from a residence.  Just a little weed case right?  WRONG!  My cohorts and I began knocking on the door of the apartment in question (Anyone over 40 remember Cheech and Chong movies?).  Subsequently, a young black male, about 22 years old, came to the door and said “ain’t nobody smoking weed here”!  Now I’m no rocket scientist or cannabis expert but the large puff of smoke when the door opened was A CLUE!  At this point, I told the suspicious guy who answered the door that he was not free to leave until I obtained a search warrant for his apartment.  Upon hearing my plan, the suspicious weed smoking dude attempted to run back into the apartment.  For the purposes of not allowing this guy to destroy evidence or escape, my partner (Detective King) and I wedged the door with our hands and eventually forced our way inside.  We then tackled the guy who previously answered the door and placed him in handcuffs.  We were then confronted by another guy that approached us from a bedroom.  Things got weird and because of the obvious uncertainty of the situation we secured this guy in handcuffs as well.  Our assisting detectives (Wilson and Brown) alerted us to finding nearly a kilo of cocaine outside of the apartment window.  At this juncture, one of the handcuffed suspects began smashing his head into a wall.  For the sake of avoiding a use of force complaint, I immediately grabbed this guy with my right arm.  While attempting to calm the crazed guy down, in close proximity, he removed my gun from the holster.  I immediately yelled “he got my gun” !  At this time the frenzied, cannabis smoking dude began firing my weapon from behind his back in handcuffs!  One gunshot, two gunshots, three gunshots!  Yikes!  My partner and I then slammed this guy onto the ground (on his back) while he continued firing the gun.  I didn’t have a backup gun so I couldn’t shoot this dude.  I did the next best thing to save me and my partners life: I began punching the offender in the face.  More shots rang out when, at which time, the gunshots eventually stopped.  It became apparent that the offender shot himself in the calf.  The shots then stopped and Detective King retrieved my gun from behind the crazed dude’s back.  Whew!  My partner, the offender and I all survived.  Praise God!  What I realized and learned after this experience was that I used to be on top of the world but extremely far from God.  I still have my struggles from time to time, but now know that God is my source of joy, peace, and motivation.  He filled the void that was in my life and lifts my spirit despite my insecurities and failures.  Praise the name of Jesus!

Freddrick Andrew Diez

Silent Cry

Silent Cry
I’ve always been curious about the world around me but, inside there was a silent cry.  Something most people wouldn’t and couldn’t see or hear this that was my silent cry.  From the words that weren’t kind that was my silent cry.  The isolation from the world outside was my silent cry.  To learn and to feel the warmth of your embrace was my silent cry.  To be able to feel just a little love that was my silent cry.  That these scars of pain that heals but, you keep ripping them apart that was my silent cry.  The hope that one day you would be kind and loving that’s my silent cry.  You broke this child in my silent cry.  What you didn’t know was that the silent cry would be the force of God’s grace that I today cry for him to forgive you and now that’s my silent cry.
Myra Flores

Is he the one?


You can’t run

You can’t hide

The darkness of sin lingers inside

That demonio of guilt is more than you can bear

A burden of torment filled with anxiety and fear

Although you continue to sneak

What you do in the dark becomes light

For everyone to peek!

You think you have it all together and show that you are strong

But God knows your deepest desires and will eventually prove you wrong

The allure of sin forever ravages your mind

As you seek the pleasures of the flesh

But never find:


Brother it is time to repent and await for God’s merciful  REACTION

This poem portrays a Brother In Christ who is in denial about his sexual addiction.  He is active in the church but his current state of affairs proves that his heart is far from the Lord.  Although he is careful and calculating when it comes to his dark secret, eventually God will bring his indiscretions to light. The writer is urging his prideful friend to confess his sin to God before destruction arrives.