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Community Groups

Growing and experiencing the ways of Jesus through authentic relationships in an inviting atmosphere for anyone to belong.

Doing life together

Growing together

Authentic relationships



To be known for prioritizing the selfless giving of your finances, service and resources to God and others.

• Prioritize

• Finances

• Service

• Resources

• Selfless


Love & Acceptance

Being characterized by embracing every person for who they are and as they are, seeing that person as created in God's image.

• Created in God’s image

• Embracing every person

• As they are



Focusing on serving and meeting the needs of our immediate community and beyond to show God's love in a tangible way.

• Serving

• Needs

• Community and beyond

• Tangible

Leadership Development

Continually growing as a leader by seeking mentorship and instruction while identifying and developing leadership potential in others.

• Self

• Others

• Train



The commitment and act of reproducing healthy followers of Jesus, churches, leaders and community groups.

• Followers of Jesus

• Leaders

• Community Groups


Spiritual Companion (accountability)

Having a friend of the same gender that you are transparent with and allow to provide a reality check of your motives, thoughts and actions and encourages you in your spiritual journey in order to uphold the integrity of yourself and the Church.

• Reality Check

• Integrity