Frequently Asked Questions

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When Do Small Groups Meet?

Each small group decides when and where it wants to meet. We can help you find groups that are meeting on a particular night or in a certain area of the city and connect you with them. Head over to our small groups page, to find out what current small groups are currently formed. 


How Long Does A Small Group Last?

Many small groups form and immediately commit to meet for the amount of time they determine 2-24 months. However, we also offer a starter group, which is an introductory step into group life that lasts approximately six weeks. At the end six weeks, the group members can decide to continue as a community group and extend their commitment, or they can dissolve to find other group members. The length of time that your group meets together is decided by your group. If you have already connected with a small group then you have already taken the first step in the partnership process: you are involved!


What do you believe/what do you teach kids?

We believe that God has revealed himself through history and is working within history to fulfill his purposes for all creation. The Bible tells the story of God’s work in the world: how he created the world, how he made humankind in his own image, what went wrong with humanity, and how, through Jesus Christ, God set out to restore people and all creation to himself. Journey Church tells God’s story and invites kids to enter into it: following the way of Jesus and joining the work that God is doing in the world.


When do Journey Kids meet? 

We meet during Journey Church Gatherings on Sunday mornings: specifically, from 10:15am to 12pm in the Kids hallways. Our Kids areas are open beginning 30 minutes before each Gathering, we encourage parents to arrive and check in their children early.


What’s your program like on Sundays?

Through relationships with volunteers and age-appropriate programming, in Journey Kids children learn the way of Jesus. Kids of all ages engage in both small- and large-group activities where they learn that their identity is in Christ, that they have belonging in the Church, and that they have a role to play in God’s mission.


What measures are taken to keep Journey Kids a safe place?

Our check-in and check-out procedures [including a parent/child wristband system] are in place to ensure that no child is removed from the Kids areas by any person other than the one who dropped off the child. Along with this, since our volunteers serve regularly, their familiarity with Journey Church families often serves as an additional safety measure.


Must I register/enroll my kids ahead of time?

No. While you are welcome to contact Journey Kids in advance of your first morning with us, we will be able to register your child[ren] on Sunday when you arrive. Allowing yourself a few extra minutes to fill out a short form for each child is all the preparation you’ll need.


On Sundays, where do I drop off and pick up my kids?

Entrances to Journey Kids areas are located in the main hall and down stairs area, east side of the building. Easily accessible from all main entrances. Signs indicate entrances for baby Nursery and Preschool schoolers dropp-off and pick-up hallways. Should you have questions upon arrival at Journey Church, feel free to visit the Information Center (also in the Main Hallway).


If my child needs to be picked up in advance of check-out time, how will I be notified?

If during the Kids program our staff and volunteers determine that a child should be picked up early, the parent/child wristband number will be flashed on a small red screen. The parent/guardian with the matching wristband will then be permitted to enter the Kids areas and pick up the child, and the number will be taken down from the Shed screen.


What about fifth graders?

Fifth graders are a part of Journey Kids Students, which meets on Sunday mornings at 9am and 11am in the Student Room at Journey Church.


Why do you practice child dedications and not infant baptisms?

Child dedication and infant baptism are practices in which parents make a solemn commitment to raising their child in the faith. While the meaning of infant baptism varies somewhat among denominations, it often involves parents baptizing the child as an infant, then when the child grows up and decides to follow Jesus, the child makes a profession of faith. We believe that water baptism is a sign/symbol of a person’s professing faith, and as a result feel it is confusing to perform water baptism on infants. Instead, we practice child dedications on infants and young children, and when a child makes the choice to follow Jesus, they have the opportunity to declare their commitment to Jesus through baptism.


Can I dedicate my child at Journey Church?

Yes! Child dedication is available to any parent or guardian who wishes to declare their intent to raise a child to know Jesus as the only hope for bringing reconciliation between God and humanity. [Although most often it is infants who are dedicated, dedication can be done for older children as well.]


How old must a child be to be baptized at Journey Church?

There is no age requirement for baptism at Journey Church; however, a child being baptized must understand what baptism means and must be able to declare their intention to follow the way of Jesus.


Can I let my child[ren] participate in communion?

Celebrating the Lord’s Supper is central to Christian practice. We come to the table to meet Christ, remembering his sacrificial death on behalf of all creation and looking forward to the great wedding supper to come. If parents are raising their children in the way of Jesus and helping them understand the beauty and mystery of the Lord’s Supper, then we welcome children participating in communion under that parental guidance. We do not feel children must have a particular level of understanding as long as parents are committed to an ongoing dialogue with their children about what it means to celebrate the Eucharist and to be a living Eucharist—following the way of Jesus as we are broken and poured out for the sake of the world.


How much would it cost to rent the church building or house? How do I go about renting the building?
Only Journey Partners are allowed to rent the building. Please see below for more info and email Pastor Carlos at if you are interested in becoming a Partner. 


Contract Fees [and Application]

1) A $250 fee will be required.  $50 is required to hold the date and the other $200 at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  If the event includes use of the basement as well, the fee will be $300.  $150 of your deposit is refundable provided that at the closure of the event the sanctuary is cleaned and returned to the pre-event set-up and that no equipment is damaged.

2) During the months of November through April, a $30 fee will be required for all renters to cover heating costs.

3) Any damages to the property of the church incurred during the event will be the sole responsibility of the renters to pay.

4) For all those wishing to use the church’s sound equipment, the rate will be $20/hr.

5) If the church is not cleaned after the event and returned to the pre-event set-up, the rate is $25/hr.

6) No church property/equipment shall be used without the express consent of one of the pastors of the church.

7) No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the church premises.

8) The Journey Church pastors have the express right to deny the use of the church and/or church property for an event at any time.



 How do I become a partner/member at Journey Church?

Partners in the Journey

Considering membership? You’ve come to the right place. First, you may be surprised to discover that Journey does not have membership in the traditional sense.  We have elected to call our “members” by a different name.  Our members are called “partners” instead.  The term “members” communicates “rights” or “privileges” for participants.  Partnership on the other hand communicates “responsibility.”  Journey is not a country club, but a life changing body of people. We’ve designed courses to answer your partnership questions and actually guide you through the steps to becoming a partner with Journey.

You may be surprised to know that Journey has many more attendees on an average weekend as we do partners. Why so few? Well, as you are about to discover, partnership at Journey involves more than simply getting your name on a list. At Journey partnership is synonymous with involvement.


3 Great Expectations

Membership = “rights.”  Partnership = “responsibility.”  Partners at Journey Church have what we like to call the “3 Great Expectations.”

Specifically, as a partner of Journey you will be called upon to evidence your commitment to the Journey community through:


1.  Small Group –

Invests your relationships (Luke 10:25-37; Matthew 28:19-20).  Develop authentic loving relationships with others in the church and establish significant relationships with those who do not know Jesus.

Authentic community is one of the core values of Journey.  We are built around small groups that serve to nurture, encourage and minister to the needs of those attending Journey.  We ask that our partners uphold this value by attending a small group on a weekly basis.  Sunday gatherings are essential to worship God, but small groups provide an opportunity for our partners to go deeper and stay encouraged throughout the week.


2.  Strategic Service – 

Invest your passions  (I Thessalonians 5:4-28; Galatians 5:24-25),

Invest your service (Hebrew 10:23-25; Galatians  5:13) Participate in the life of the congregation through genuine worship, sharing, learning, and serving.

Each of us possesses the ability to change the world.  We have been given the opportunity and responsibility of serving our community and loving people.  Partners of Journey have the incredible opportunity to partner with their pastors and church to serve their community.


3.  Financial Partnership –

Invest you resources (I Corinthians 16:2; 2 Corinthians9:6-15), Support the gospel here and worldwide by tithing as the Lord leads.  Invest your time, skills, talents, and gifts, in and through the church.

The difference between a “dream” and a “vision” is action.  Journey is a non-profit organization made up of and wholly owned by its partners.  We ask that every partner commit to a lifestyle of biblical stewardship and generosity toward God with their finances.  Generosity in our finances is a must for Journey to truly impact Waukegan and Lake county area.

At Journey we have a Partner’s Check List as a process guide for those considering partnership.  The following is a list of our requirements for partnership:

• Focused commitment to Jesus Christ

Public confession of faith through baptism by immersion

• Completion of Starting Point

• Connection to a small group

• Completion of Engage

• Embrace and believe in Journey’s Statement of Faith

• Embracing the “Partnership Covenant”

Journey Church Partnership Application (Can be filled out online)


How can I contact leaders at Journey Church?

Ministry Leaders at Journey Church


Pastor Carlos Herrera
Victor Roman