Inspirational Hope 

God Doesn’t Need Our Success. He Wants Our Surrender.

We are a society that is driven.  Our world is bent upon performance, looks, status, and fame.  We feed upon the approval of others and that is the measurement to which we are defined.  What a perpetual mountain to climb!  Kind of like the hamster running in the ball.  “Getting nowhere fast”!  
God is different.  He loves us right where we are.  No awards, certificates, performance standards, weigh-ins or resumes.  We don’t have to achieve anything to earn God.  Just simply SURRENDER and allow God to be successful in us.  
Are you tired of living by worldly standards of success and feeling empty?  If so repeat this prayer and meditate on 
Proverbs 3:5-6:  
Most Gracious and Heavenly Father you set the standard of life.  In you there is an abundance of joy, power, and love unparalleled to anything this world has to offer.  Lord keep my eyes and heart focused on your Heavenly Kingdom.  Sometimes I feel like a sheep without a shepherd but it is through my weakness that your strength prevails and carries me to victory.  Thank you Almighty Savior for your continuous outpouring of blessings onto my life.  In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.  Amen