Inspirational Hope 

Romans 7:21-23

Upon reading this scripture, I felt a sense of relief. What I realized is that I am not a “Christian Misfit” or a hypocrite who claims membership but does the opposite. Paul struggled with sin just like me. He loved the Lord from within the deepest parts of his heart, yet at times could not resist the temptation of sin. No one knows for sure what that sin was, but what matters to me is that Paul was human. A Biblical Hero who struggled with less than Godly thoughts and/or actions. Praise God! Nobody is perfect and daily prone to the effects of sin. I don’t take comfort in thinking that Paul was just as deplorable as me,
but rather in knowing that God sees past my weaknesses and restores me for his kingdom’s purpose.
Almighty Savior, thank you for this reality check. I am a prisoner of the boundaries set forth by my mind. My bondage is the dark shadows of negativity that torment me day and night. Prisoner no more! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! God has a purpose for my life and my greatest sin is allowing the demons of doubt to blockade his glory.
Mighty deceiver your grip is no more!
Although a sinner, God’s grace I implore
All of my life captive by the darkness of my sin
There is nothing that I can do but allow Jesus to win
The struggles and pain have been real
Savior, you know my heart and exactly how I feel
Today is a day that God is calling
Lead me by the hand Lord and save me from falling
I love you Jesus