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Christian Hypocrisy

It amazes me how we as Christians tend to look down on homosexuals and transgenders yet are tolerant and accepting of other transgressions.
Let me explain: We so easily look past the sins of alcoholics, drug addicts, and adulterers but struggle with the thought of people having alternative lifestyles serving in the church.
Matthew 7:1 – Judge not lest you be judged
Too many times in my life I’ve attempted to play God by assuming what’s within another man’s heart. During these occasions, God has showed me that he is the only discerner of hearts.
How can we spread the “love of Christ” but look upon our brothers and sisters with disdain? We call ourselves Christians but snicker, sneer, and gossip about those who do not measure up to our personal standards for Godliness.
More recently I vacationed with my family in the city of Seattle. I was impressed by the vastness of beauty that surrounded the city but equally surprised by the amount of gay couples that we encountered. To that end we also attended many gay owned businesses such as restaurants and coffee shops. What was most revealing to my heart was the love and warmth that we received as customers/visitors from homosexual customer service workers and residents.
What’s funny to me is that as a Christian I am supposed to “mirror the love of Christ”. Nevertheless individuals (homosexuals) of whom some Christians classify as ungodly do a remarkably better job of showing a Godlike spirit than me.
Let us truly exhibit the love of Christ without malice, contempt, or judgement. We are all broken people who need God’s divine intervention. I long for the day when the pews of Journey Church are filled with homosexuals and transgenders because only then are we truly getting the message of God to this exiled segment of society.