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Dear Journey Congregation,

   We would like to invite you to become a Partner of Journey Church. Partnership is more than simply a statement of where you worship, it is a commitment to the mission and ministries of Journey Church.  Partners follow Journey’s vision of being a church that serve together and are real with God, ourselves and others, while serving in our community and abroad. We model this through our small groups and doing life with each other as we do life with God.

 To know what it is to be a partner of something versus just a member,  let us first compare the word “membership” with the word “partnership.” Some of us have been or are currently members of a gym or fitness club. This means we pay fees and have access to the club.  With these fees, we expect certain things: nice equipment, working lockers, pleasant staff. As members, we pay for what we get. If we don’t like what we get, we leave.

With partnership, however, this completely shifts. Now we are talking investments, mutual goals, and collaboration. As in relationships that matter: friends, family, and significant others there is a sense of investing ourselves, of putting energy into something to create an enduring foundation. Over the years, those who invest in their relationships will see their investments grow.

The Bible teaches us time and time again that our path to spiritual progress greatly depends on our power of giving. Serving on a committee, being part of a small group, attending services, changing a light bulb. These are all ways of giving of your time and talents. This helps us see ourselves as part of the crew, not just passengers. As human beings, we are meant to be partners with God, not just members of creation.

 We hope  this will help encourage you by understanding the grand difference between being a partner and just a member. As you connect with the other partners of Journey, you will develop a deeper sense of significance and belonging in the family of God as a partner of Journey Church.

Every year we will invite you to examine your heart and decide if you would like to renew your partnership.  

As a partner you will have certain privileges. They are as follows:

  • Amend the by laws
  • Exclusive power to hire a Senior Pastor
  • Exclusive power to adopt or amend annual budget and authorize financial matters exceeding 10% of annual budget.
  • Nominate/affirm/remove Elders
  • Exclusive power to authorize merger or affiliations with any other church
  • Exclusive power to dissolve the church
  • Exclusive power to decide any matter the Elders are not able to decide in the bylaws.


The application will ask for information about the following three prerequisites that will be important in your role as a partner of Journey:

1. Since our mission is “To honor God and journey with Him in making authentic followers of Jesus through genuine relationships,” it is essential that our partners have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. We believe that the Bible is clear about God’s desire for each of us to make a public profession of faith through baptism. If you haven’t been baptized, just mark no when asked on the partnership application and we will contact you.
3. We equate partnership with involvement, as explained above. We will ask about your involvement on a service team or in a Small Group. We will contact you to assist with baptism or getting connected in a Small Group or strategic service team. When all three qualifications are complete, your application will be processed for Partnership.
Many of you may already be doing everything that is required and meet the above criteria, but just have not taken the final step of signing up. We are facing many important decisions and if you consider Journey the place where God has called you to do life together with other Christians, your input is extremely valuable. We are currently reorganizing and this is a critical part of the process. As this is an annual requirement, any existing partners are also required to renew their partnership. In the past, we have had some difficulty with tracking partners, but with the new systems we have in place, we hope to avoid that in the future. With that said, if you have already submitted your application for this year, please check in with our office managers at to ensure they have it on file. Otherwise, we ask that you submit it one more time so we have the most recent records. Going forward we will keep the renewal time the same for everyone. A notice will go out around August so we can try to have everyone updated by September. New partners can submit their application at any time, but the renewal will be in August-September.
We want to make this experience as easy as possible for you, so if any section is unclear or if you have questions, please contact us:
  • By E-mail: 
    • Office:

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