August 2019

Controlling People // Relational Vampires pt.1

The Peace of God // Renovation of the Mind pt.4

Reframing // Renovation of the Mind pt.3

July 2019

Training Your Mind // Renovation of the Mind pt.2

Winning the War in Your Mind // Renovation of the Mind pt.1

ATTENTION:   Due to a power outtage that occured in our street block the audio quality may not be too good to hear. Our tech team used an old audio recording device to try to capture sound.

Stopping // Habits pt.3

Starting (Habits pt.2)

June 2019

Who Before Do (Habits pt.1)

My Precious Bone and Flesh

The Glory of Heaven – OMAYD pt.3

The Horrors of Hell \\ OMAYD pt.2

May 2019

Life After Death \\ One Minute After You Die pt.1