You can’t run

You can’t hide

The darkness of sin lingers inside

That demonio of guilt is more than you can bear

A burden of torment filled with anxiety and fear

Although you continue to sneak

What you do in the dark becomes light

For everyone to peek!

You think you have it all together and show that you are strong

But God knows your deepest desires and will eventually prove you wrong

The allure of sin forever ravages your mind

As you seek the pleasures of the flesh

But never find:


Brother it is time to repent and await for God’s merciful  REACTION

This poem portrays a Brother In Christ who is in denial about his sexual addiction.  He is active in the church but his current state of affairs proves that his heart is far from the Lord.  Although he is careful and calculating when it comes to his dark secret, eventually God will bring his indiscretions to light. The writer is urging his prideful friend to confess his sin to God before destruction arrives.